Seize Your Bits 3: A Penny a Click

David Arndt

To think that Bitcoin has broken the ten thousand dollar mark per coin is truly an amazing thing to see. The rise of Bitcoin and hundreds of other coins have more people than ever looking for ways to get started in crypto coins but also looking for free bits. There are different methods to earning your first digital coins other than outright using physical cash or credit to purchase them.

Free Bits, What's That?

Free Bits are any free crypto coins you can get your hands on. There's different methods of getting free digital currency including:

  • Faucet Bits
  • Computer Bits
  • Mobile Bits
  • Trading Bits
  • Lending Bits

There's people who do some ,and others who use all these methods to not only get bits, but to get as many as they can get.

The Drips

You can get a small amount of bits from the 'drips' from faucets.  These are sites that give visitors to their sites fractions of bits that are paid out when the user achieves a certain threshold amount that varies per site.  But all the user needs to do is visit the site, deal with an occasional pop-up, enter a captcha, click and done.  You've just earned your little 'bit' of crypto currency.  With Bitcoin hitting nearly $60k, some of these faucet sites are giving 1-50Satoshi every hour which equals roughly one penny, One faucet, freebitco not only gives you bits every, hour but allows you to earn interest on amounts over 25,000 Satoshi and also has a browser miner that mines Monero but pays you in Bitcoin. Other sites like Qoin Pro, give users fractions of coins everyday for logging in and by referring others you can get a better percentage of free coins

Faucets have been around nearly since the beginning of Bitcoin and now dozens of coins have faucet sites and there are even apps for mobile phones called 'rotators' that let users scroll through several sites quickly and have gained popularity especially as of late with more and more people getting interested in crypto currency.

Mine For Your Bits

Bitcoin began by using computers and still can be however even with the price of Bitcoin so high, a typical desktop or laptop would hardly be efficient or profitable over the cost of the power consumed, unless of course it's free, but that's another matter entirely. It's always good to do research on all coins and miners and decide for yourself how you want to mine. I don't recommend using your primary computer because of the wear that mining can potentially do to your computer since mining uses the processing power of your CPU,GPU and/or your hard drive.

Though Bitcoin mining may not as profitable, there are other coins that can be mined, through computer programs and browsers like freebitco that can at least be ran in the background to give you some start up bits.

Mobile Bits

Nowadays most people have a mobile phone with them constantly messaging, surfing, calling but there are apps that are run in the background of your phone, some require to click after a specified time but other run silently in the background so you can seize your bits on mobile platforms. Electroneum has a mobile miner that hundreds of thousands are waiting now not so silently to go live. The interest in ETN has drawn many more into the crypto currency world and the potential for free ETN which as of 12/28 is 3.6 cents each. This method is among the easiest methods to earn bits without having to think about it much.

Trade Yo Bits:

Once you've seized your starter bits, you can take them to an exchange like Bitshares, Binance, Poloniex, Coinbase, or Bittrex, and sell them for Bitcoin Satoshis, Dollar backed assets or other coins. Once there, you should decide whether you want to hold certain coins, trade for more or even loan your bits to get more.

The Juice

Some sites allow you to loan your bits and get your cut. Poloniex & Kucoin have several different coins available to buy and lend and allows you to set an interest rate and whether it's taken depends on the market at any given time. Some coins like Dogecoin are inexpensive Satoshi wise and others cost more and there are minimum amounts of each coin you can lend.

Day of the Crypto

The day of the crypto currency is here. Digital currency is currently being accepted for goods and services, international settlements, hedge funds, and futures markets and is only growing in use to more people everyday and will begin touching more people in their day to day lives. Ot's too late to get Bitcoins for a dollar each but it's not too late to make sure you seize your bits.

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