8 Steps to Breaking Into the Video Games Industry


Have you ever dreamed about working in the video games industry? If you’re an avid gamer with a passion for technology, this field might be a great fit for you. You’re probably wondering how to earn the qualifications you need, make connections with industry professionals, and land your very first role. And if you’re curious about starting your own business, you can find valuable tips on Blox! Here’s how to master key skills for a career in the video games industry or start your own online business in this niche.

Research Specific Roles

First, it’s important to consider which job titles you’re interested in. TechRepublic states that database engineers, video game artists and animators, audio engineers, producers, and writers are all vital roles that contribute to game development. Plus, you also have the option of becoming an entrepreneur and starting a business online. 

Earn Your Degree Remotely

While you don’t necessarily need to attend college in order to work in the video games industry, having a computer science degree under your belt certainly helps your job prospects. If you’re already quite tech-savvy, choosing a remote degree option over a brick-and-mortar program is a great way to complete your studies while maintaining a flexible schedule. When you earn an online computer science degree, you’ll learn all about data structures, artificial intelligence, architecture and systems, computer theory, logic, and more, making you well-qualified for a wide variety of jobs in the video game industry.

Land an Internship

Through a degree program, you’ll have the chance to complete video game projects and start building your personal portfolio. However, gaining work experience in a professional environment is crucial if you want to find a job in this industry. To get your first internship, Game Developer recommends assembling your portfolio and including samples of the types of projects that the studio you’re applying to is interested in, preparing for likely interview questions, and being ready to solve technical problems and demonstrate your knowledge. Attending internship fairs is a fantastic way to learn about upcoming opportunities with major studios and indie studios alike!

Hone Essential Skills

Whether you’re putting in hours at an internship, completing college coursework, or working on an independent gaming project with close friends, certain skills will serve you well in the video games industry. Therefore, if you want to make a living in this niche, honing these skills throughout your early work experiences is imperative. 

Naturally, you’ll focus heavily on mastering technical skills and popular software programs - but don’t neglect your soft skills! You’ll want to establish yourself as a team player who is open to collaboration. Strong communication skills, organizational talents, and a can-do attitude towards problem-solving can go a long way.

Make Money Online

You don’t necessarily need to work for an employer in order to make a living through your love of video games. Today, you can easily start your own business online! For instance, you might be interested in running a YouTube channel or blog centered around strategy tips and walkthroughs for your favorite game, like Minecraft. 

To establish your brand, you can create an eye-catching banner with an online banner maker. You can start by picking out a template you like, then add the visuals, fonts, background, and other design features that you want.

Form an LLC

If you’ve decided to go down the entrepreneurial route to kick off your gaming career, you’ll want to establish your company as an LLC early on. This is the simplest way to protect your personal financial assets. Plus, you’ll qualify for some helpful tax breaks! Filing on your own can get confusing, but you don’t need to shell out high fees for a lawyer, either - instead, you can tackle this process with the help of an online formation service. They will get you up to speed on your state’s requirements for LLC formation.

Network Within the Industry

Whether you’re pursuing traditional employment or entrepreneurship, networking is just as important in the video games industry as it is in any other field. Prioritize forming lasting connections with your coworkers and manager at your internships, your classmates, and anyone else whom you happen to meet in the industry. You never know who could open up a door for you later on!

Polish Your Resume

Before applying to full-time jobs, take some time to spruce up your resume. Make sure to add your degree program, any internships you’ve held, technical skills and software programs you’ve mastered, and any impactful independent projects that you’ve completed.

The video game industry is quite competitive. But with the right approach, you can get your foot in the door and land your dream job. By following these tips, you’ll be able to earn the right credentials for a traditional role or launch your very own business online!

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