Bitshares UI Gets a Much Needed Makeover


The Old Bitshares UI Could Not Compete with Centralized Exchanges

Bitshares UI worker proposal has been one of the most common worker proposal on most threads on telegram, reddit, steemit, and bitsharestalk.

Following the spike of price this summer, newly invested members saw the potential of a decentralized exchange system. However, the Bitshares UI remained a hot button issue. Users complained of the bulky, awkward and frankly unprofessional user interface. Disproportional text with sloppy wording confused newcomers to the site.

Why Bitshares UI is so important to the project

Bitshares is unlike a lot of other coins in the respect that it is a functioning system today that is usable by the general public. While some other coins and technologies are more behind the scenes and kept to the developers, Bitshares must not only be technically advanced through its blockchain, but also simple to use to the general public. If basic users without knowledge of blockchain are unable to understand the semantics behind the system, they will quickly leave to an exchange that is simple to use.

New Bitshares UI

The new Bitshares UI contains enough small updates to address the major issues. You will now see more help text to help first time users understand the functions of the site:

  • The Membership tab provides a heavier in depth explanation of the rules of membership in bold modern text.
  • Icons are popping up in more places than ever to add for quick and easy navigation through the site including check boxes for the voting tab.
  • My Portfolio is a table that is able to be sorted.

The Future of Bitshares UI

Bitshares is a great product behind the scenes, but it has yet to compete with the sleek look and feel of centralized exchanges. To be guided through a great looking layout is crucial for those who are just getting interested in the cryptosphere. The last thing people want to do is feel confused with an underwhelming presentation of the exchange's abilities. Bitshares will have its work cut out for them, but the devs are hard at work. The community is backing this push as well. It is the number one work proposal garnering 634,837,516 votes from Bitshares members. They have their work cut out for them to compete with monster exchanges such as Poloniex and bittrex,which both boast a sleeker, sexier design that cuts out all the fat Bitshares still has.

This worker proposal has been approved until February 2018 and according to @billbutler's post on Steemit, the following are still in the works:

  • A new header menu
  • Redesigned Deposit / Withdrawal / Send / Buy screens
  • Tradingview integration

We look forward to all these changes and will keep you updated as the UI develops.

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