In our previous episode of Xclusive Breaks, we opened standard 1982 Topps Football Rack Packs. In this episode, we open Rack Packs that were created specifically for sale in Grocery stores. Each pack contains three sections of cards wrapped in cellophane, which helps the overall condition over standard rack packs by eliminating movement within the packs.

As we look for great players, we also take in the simple design of the set which mainly features non-action photos of players with the exception being the In Action insert cards.

1982 Football Rookies

While this set has all kinds of stars, there are notable rookies to be found in this set. Hall of Fame rookie cards of Ronnie Lott, Lawrence Taylor, Mel Blount and many others are scattered through the packs. The Lawrence Taylor and Ronnie Lott rookie cards however, command bigger prices for higher graded cards. Cards graded 9-10 of any vintage card no matter the player are more sought after because of their rarity and both players rookie cards graded 10 are being sold near the thousand dollar mark.

1982 Football Stars

Along with the rookies, great stars are in this set though as we've found out, are very hard to find. Joe Montana's second year card remains elusive and so far, we've found only a few Walter Payton cards. "Too Tall" Jones, Terry Bradshaw, Art Monk and Anthony Munoz are other great players to look for within the set and no matter what type of pack you open you can usually find great cards.

What to Expect

Though somewhat less popular than 1981 and 1976 Topps Football sets or the latersets between 1983 and 1989, this series has great cards for collectors to find. This 528 card set has several different box and pack options including vendor boxes, Wax, Rack & Grocery packs along with VERY vintage gum inside.

We hope you enjoy this video and subscribe to our channel. We'll have videos on the wax and cello packs coming soon!

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