How Cyptocurrency Faucets Work

David Arndt

Faucets are sites that give typically give out teeny tiny
amounts of digital currency or ‘drips’ -- hence the name.  These sites generally have the user enter in
their wallet address or sign up to a site like
in order for those drips
to add up to a specific coin amount is met allowing withdrawal to your wallet.

When you get to these sites you will see some well put
together, reliable sites like moonbit, but others may look like terrorist
ransom notes but still will payout after you enter a captcha.  I visit sites occasionally on my desktop but
also have a faucet ‘rotator’ App on my phone that has a list of sites to visit.

There are faucet sites for many digital coins and with
digging you could even get a little digital coin in your pocket to get started
without putting in any money with a solid commitment to entering captchas and
frequenting many sites.  I started out
this way years ago and had change in my digital wallets from years ago.

The one thing I’ve always heard from people unfamiliar with
digital currency and Bitcoin is that most say it’s a scam.  When asking them follow up questions asking
them why they don’t generally have any solid evidence to back them up,  I’ve personally been able to get ‘bits,’ pun
intended for free that I’m lending on Poloniex!

It takes work but I always encourage anyone
skeptical in the least to at least get their first Bitcoin address from

as mentioned in our quick start guide.  This way they can get their first satoshis
for free and explore the market under everyone’s nose. Freebitco, as mentioned frequently at Blox has an hourly
faucet that also pays 4.08% compounded interest daily on balances over 25,000

This makes a great starter
site to give you an idea on faucets and also dip your feet in the crypto pool. If you use your desktop or laptop computer to visit sites
always be wary of potentially dangerous sites. 
Use adblockers and if your browser thinks a site has some bad juju,
steer clear.  No few bits are worth the
frustration of getting and removing a virus from your computer.

We’ve mentioned in our other articles but it’s worth
remembering that if you plan on frequenting multiple faucet sites and
registering for them, its worth using a separate email address due to the
emails. It saves frustration in digging through your regular email address to
hunt down what sites you’ve gone to and want to go back to.

Another big reminder is never use the same password to any
of your wallets, exchange sites or other important accounts at faucet
sites.  I personally trust very few and
make sure I don’t use a redundant password that could lead me to losing any of
my digital coins. Having a notepad and a word or excel sheet to track
different sites would be a benefit to faucet hunters and I can’t say enough,
the potential to make a little crypto scratch.

At Blox, we not only want to become the best source for
cryto news, but want to get more people involved into this growing technology
and market which will not only benefit peoples wallets, but also their lives. 

. We’ll
have our Seize Your Bits section open soon with great sites to check out!

A few Reliable Faucets






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