Most trading card collectors have experienced pulling damaged trading cards right out of a box they’ve opened. This damage can be caused from the manufacturing process & packaging, or from improper storage (or all of these causes combined, unfortunately.

The 1991 Stadium Club Football Set

In this video, we open a box of 1991 Stadium Club Football Cards to not only preview the set and look for Brett Favre Rookies and other Hall of Famers, we highlight the potential problems and damage that glossy (and chrome cards years from now) can get from improper storage.  

Ordering New & Old Trading Cards Online

When someone buys trading cards online, whatever the type, the minimal expectation is to potentially find great condition cards that can only potentially lose value from the things you do.

Accidentally dropping a card on its corners, fingerprints or worse are things in your control. However, what’s not in your control is how a seller stores their trading cards before they sell them to you. Glossy trading cards in particular have a high risk of sticking together into basically a brick.  

The Danger of Temperature & Humidity on Trading Cards

While glossy cards look great, when they’re stored improperly in a humid environment, or even stacked multiple boxes high, glossy cards, especially from the late 80’s and early 90’s like this set, but also sets like 1993 Upper Deck have a higher chance of bricking the cards together which leads damaged cards and a potentially lost investment.

When you receive an unopened box of trading cards and open it only to find a majority of the cards damaged, what can you do?

Buying New Trading Cards That Are Damaged

In instances where you buy newly released, unopened boxes of trading cards, you can contact the manufacturer, give photographic proof (save UPCs & receipts!) and while it may take a while (potentially months) many of the major hobby & trading card companies will attempt to give you some form of compensation.

Depending on the platform you buy it on, you can get a refund, in others, you keep the (damaged) cards and a refund, however on some platforms, you may be S.O.L.

Join us in our video as  we not only check out the 1991 Stadium Club Football set, but as we see first hand, the damage that can affect all cards, but especially older, glossy trading cards.

This PSA graded Brett Favre Rookie Card was pulled directly from this box and highlights the fact that even if you purchase older, unopened trading cards online, until you open it, you’ll never know the cards inside won’t have a problem

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