SHOCKING! Bank's President Warns Against the Evil Bitcoin

November 11, 2020
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Surprisingly, it seems that not everyone is happy with the success of Bitcoin in the news. Reports have been surfacing of big investors saying to stay out. From the outside, this may look like pretty good evidence to be speculative of putting money into Bitcoin. After all, who would have guessed that leaders of huge banks and hedge funds would be taking their anger out on a decentralized currency that can't regulate and charge people for exchanging property, goods, and services.

It seems like almost certain that the people speaking in opposition wouldn't be the people who lose out most on people transferring their trust into a currency that moves their money out of the banks and into people's own hands. That kind of technology is dangerous and should not be trusted.

After all, banks have never failed our trust. Banks have never had security issues. And frankly I enjoy waiting a couple days and pay exuberant charges when I want to transfer my friend money. After all who is going to lend out our money to people who don't pay it back?

If we all left fiat and banks to cryptocurrency, who would take our fees and make us wait? If we could trade stocks independently of stock brokers, who would tell us what to buy? I think we should shut this whole thing down and let the banks rule our wallets. After all, it's the way of the past and if there's one thing for certain, some things never change.

We sat down to interview the Vice President of a large American bank to get his opinions:

"I think people will see that Bitcoin is a bubble. It will burst and when it bursts, which it will, we will be there to take their money back. In fact, we will be charging fees for those people who come back so they will never try to leave us again. They're going to miss us. Yes, they are. We're actually doing fine without them. We haven't even thought about them once since they left. We've got a lot of new hotter customers, who like us for us. We've lost some weight and are doing fine. Yep, just fine."

The technology is too fast and loose for any more secure members of society. I highly suggest reading what bankers and investors have to say about this disruptive technology meant to omit bankers and investors from the peer-to-peer transactions.



November 11, 2020

Bitcoin NewsBitcoin 10k, Bitcoin, Bitcoin News,Bitcoin News


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