The number one reason small businesses fail isn't due to economic impacts but by failing to stay hungry.

Complacency, other needs and the attitude that things are fine is what stops or causes most ideas & businesses to fail. though the Coronavirus may be a close second, as someone who markets small businesses for professional partners, friends and even my own project, I've seen such a wide variety of attitudes in regards to businesses from multiple public sectors.

Getting What You Want

This may sound like an infomercial but it's really possible to get what you want. With the right goals, the mindset and the willingness to act and overcome the inevitable barriers, just about anything is possible. However, whether you're just beginning your journey, or already own a small business, it's too easy to let complacency and apathy take that drive and hunger for success away from you.

Fighting Complacency & the Status Quo

Fighting complacency with your business

To put things in a little bit better perspective, I have a very part-time client (now only about 1 hour marketing time a month) that has a website built to his specifications which averages for the past year of 225 users to the website, many finding his site through his blog posts, which is something any business wants to see. However, in the past year, approximately 10 posts were created on the site and a total of about 9 hours of marketing work were done to the site in that entire years' time.

The blog posts or (status updates) are of course meant to create a more active presence for the website and posting those updates through social media.

Now, content of course is one thing, but status updates, even the best crafted ones, can only take your website & increase traffic so much. Of course, over that year, many people have found his site, though of course, the owner isn't happy with the 200+ plus numbers and like any business owner, wants more visitors, to turn a higher percentage of those visitors into potential business.

After discussing the things that the site needs on more than one occasion (additional landing pages, more written articles, guest posted articles, link building and advertising, they are stuck on the status quo, thinking that doing nothing but minimal revisions on their website will somehow result in big changes to traffic volumes outside the norm.

his can happen, and happen to any website, but that's with the addition of stellar content, keyword laden blog and/or landing pages and consistent structure to building on the successes you've had, and bringing new successes in the form of web traffic, visitors & more clients or sales.

There's a fine line between complacency and apathy and while businesses can survive in this environment, they can hardly thrive.

Losing Your Hunger

The lack of that hunger that made you want to do what you love, be your own boss & succeed, can take away your momentum at any time. There are billions of people in the world, all have different problems, but the constant is everyone has problems, distractions, things that get into the way of your goals, it's how you stay on track.

Even if you're on a slower track, dedicating yourself to reaching your blog, business or new career goal by dedicating an hour a day to make it happen, you get into a cycle that feeds on itself to help you turn that idea, that blog, that business, into reality but every stage, you will hit a barrier, the need for additional help, resources or information that of course in the beginning, may seem that this is where your journey stops and you decide you should find something else to do.

All too many times I have encountered small business owners that without effort, they'll get more traffic to their website and are unwilling to create an active plan to use what you have as an even better platform to become better. Better for your business and continuing what you (love?) to do in the business that you've started.

These stages are where dreams, goals and businesses can die for good.

Staying Hungry for Success

The example I've given above is just one of the mindsets that can happen to any small business owner, but what about turning your ideas, what you can make or what you can do into something that works for you? Nearly everyone wants to own their own business, make money through a special project talent, something they can make/have and can sell, but all too many hit barriers somewhere in their journey which leads you away from what you want to do and what you'd love to do.

You can be hungry for success but do you have the appetite to get it?

Dedication to reaching your goals may seem cliché' but the truth is, at every stage of your idea, there is going to be a barrier. It may be trying to find the best platform to create a website, what to write about, what kind of services you want to offer or how to promote your home built projects.

Everyone has the potential for self success, but you need to meet every barrier to your goals and beat them.

Eliminate the Barriers

Some of the more well known most people looking to promote their projects, business or blog on the web. When you have a personal or new professional project there are many people doing what you're doing but never let that be a barrier to what you want to accomplish and how successful you want to become.

Starting a New Business

Getting a new website built for your bio, professional or ecommerce is one of the most important ways of promoting yourself and what you do, to many, this stops people because they think their are numerous hoops to jump through to make this happen.

While you can't throw a rock without hitting a marketing person on the web, if you're looking for a fast start to get your new blog, project or business started, contact us to learn how we quickly help you establish an affordable website to start with that you can continually build to grow your online presence.

In future articles & videos from the Professionalist, we're going to provide you with information & resources to help you get what you need to help you follow your goals & get the resources you need to eliminate the barriers that lead you away from your goals.

Whether you're starting a blog, starting a business, making podcasts or selling products, you want to succeed, not only ensuring you're prepared every step of the way, but keeping the hunger. The hunger for success, hungry to do whatever it takes for you to succeed.

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