Today’s online world allows you to showcase your small business around the globe, and you can post free and paid ads on numerous social media platforms. But what about the tried-and-true advertising methods of yesterday? Are they still efficient in today’s world? Let’s look at five marketing techniques that have stood the test of time:

Running Ads in Your Local Paper and TV Station

Buying ad space in your local newspaper can be a great way to gain new customers, and their prices for business ads are usually pretty reasonable. Most local newspapers have an online version, so you’ll be able to reach all kinds of news consumers in your area. You can even write and submit an article about your business or a related subject to gain even more visibility within your community. If your city has a local television station, get a TV commercial produced for your business and buy some air time to introduce your brand to the locals.

Advertising in Mailers and Postcards

When you launch a new product or service, it’s a good idea to let your existing customers know about it via regular mail. Keep your clientele's information up-to-date using customer relationship management software (CRM). Send a colorful postcard, a well-worded letter, or a pamphlet featuring your product, and include a coupon or a great discount for your customers to take advantage of when they go to buy your products or services. And if you don't have your customers’ physical addresses in your database, you can send the same information via email instead. 

Brochures & Flyer Promotions

If you sell homemade goods at the farmers’ market or at craft fairs, having a stack of colorful flyers and brochures is a way for customers to know more about your business’s products and to keep your information handy when they’re ready for their next purchase. Include a QR code on your printed materials to bridge the gap between old and new marketing strategies: the QR code should send your customers to your website so they can discover all you have to offer and order your products directly from your website.

Purchasing Outdoor Advertisements

Hire a creative agency to come up with a catchy slogan for your business and pair it with some awesome graphics, then rent a billboard strategically located within the confines of your city or in a neighboring town. The goal is to get people’s attention while they’re driving by, but you only have a few seconds to catch their eye, so make sure they can retain the important information you’re trying to convey. Forget the fine print stuff: your billboard should clearly show your company name, where to find you, and how to contact you. 

Cold Calling & Follow-Ups

If you notice a drop in sales of a particular product, try experimenting with a new marketing strategy. If your repeat customers are not coming back, it might be worth contacting them directly by phone and asking them for feedback. Maybe they haven’t had a need for your services, or maybe they found a cheaper competitor? Try to take any negative comments or reviews in stride; after all, these comments can help you fix issues with your product, adjust your prices, or do a revamp of your brand to better satisfy your clients. 

In today’s world, savvy small business owners know that by using tried-and-true advertising strategies as well as newer digital marketing strategies, they’ll be able to reach a much broader audience and attract new clients. So share your brand and products both locally and globally, and see your sales increase exponentially.

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Guest post by Katie Conroy

Image via Pixabay

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