The 1982 Topps football series has the right mix of simple design with a healthy does of Football rookies and stars. Coming right after Joe Montana’s rookie year and before other stars such as Elway, & Rice, this set has its own great rookies including Lawrence Taylor and Ronnie Lott and great veterans and stars to round out the set.

The Set

This 528 card set features a simple design with many close-up images mostly on the sidelines though the In Action (IA), and All-Pro, and Super Bowl insert cards highlight plays during the season. Notable rookies include

  • Lawrence Taylor
  • Ronnie Lott
  • Chris Collinsworth
  • Mel Blount

There are many noteworthy stars that can be found in the set including

  • Joe Montana 2nd year card
  • Walter Payton
  • Anthony Munoz
  • Terry Bradshaw

What to Expect

While not as flashy as today’s cards this series holds a special place in Football history with great cards that were sold in boxes, vendor boxes, Cello packs, Rack Packs, Grocery packs, and of course the quintessential wax packs with vintage gum inside. We open some rack packs up and give you an idea on what types of cards you can expect out of these.   Stay tuned, we’ll be opening more 1982 Topps Football packs!

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