Petition For Tougher Residency Guidelines For Sex Offenders


Tougher Residency Guidelines For Sex Offenders

Today I received an email with a link to a Whitehouse petition urging federally mandated guidelines for people convicted of rape, pedophilia and other sex crimes. Naturally, knowing who originated the petition I sent an email and asked what motivated them to start this petition?

Her response was tactful and concise and can honestly say that I'm 100% onboard.

Currently in Illinois, the law states that a registered sex offender can live within 500 feet of a school setting, according to the Illinois State Police website. There are also no limitations set on the distance they may reside in conjunction to parks playgrounds. This has to change. Why should it be 500 in this state, 1000 In Comnecticut, and yet further (1000+) in another? 

Please sign my petition to revise the laws regarding distance that a Registered Sex Offender may live in proximity to schools and park/playground areas.  This should not vary by state. It shouldn't be up to the states to govern this. This should be a federal guideline, regardless of conviction, in order to keep our kids and our family members that much safer.  As I said before, in Illinois it is 500 ft, and again no limits regarding parks or play areas. Other states hold a 1000 ft or better in terms of distance. Some even have limitations on parks, playgrounds, and places of worship.  

Consider this for a moment, bear in mind your kids/nieces/nephews/grandkids.  I'll use my own example.   

This offender (Sexual Predator,   per the IL State Police) lives 802 ft from school, and even closer to the park.   Kids walk past his house daily, on the way home.   Trick or Treaters went to his door on the 31st.  At 802 ft;  he can see both bus stops, and who comes and goes in what direction from the corner of my street and the end of the block. 

His picture on the federal website is nearly 5 years old!

The IL state guideline is 500 ft.  Astonishingly enough, at 500 feet...standing on his back deck- he could see the school parking lot!  I know this,  because I looked at that house before it was sold in late August. If you search it, one of the realtor sites shows the view! 

Do you want this for your kids? I don't.  

I don't want to hear about their rights either.  What about the child's right to live that they stole? The parents right to watch their kids grow up?  They took all that away from them.  They no longer have rights. Please consider signing - Thank you. There is an email verification you must complete to validate your signature!!!

Once you sign it - Share IT!!

Know Your Neighbors

Searching Different state's laws I came across an Anniston Star article about Alabama's strict laws against sex offenders which is the toughest in the nation. It features a story of someone who moves back to his hometown and comes to find out that he can no longer life with his wife, kids, or live near schools and daycares and has him 'jobless and living under a bridge. One of the most disturbing takeaways I get from this is that it's obvious that the state treats these people harshly because the crimes that they committed are terrible, but he chose to remain and claim he's the victim for being put in his current position by the laws he broke to put him in that situation, where he is.

If you feel strongly about this issue and want to contribute a signature, you can follow the link here. Always get to know your neighbors, your surroundings and where your children play and walk home through.

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