Free Stellar Lumens Cryptocurrency

Stellar Coin

For a limited time the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is gpromoting the Stellar Lumen coin by giving them away! Join Coinbase or use this link right now get $10 dollars of free Lumen by watching a few short videos. After you're done, they give you the chance to get even more by inviting friends to claim them too!

Coinbase also offers tutorials on other coins and achance to get EOS, Ox and other coins. Make sure you sign up to Coinbase if you ahven't already dones so to be next in line for more free crypto.

Stellar Lumens are a decentralized cryptocurrency that allows for fast, inexpensive international money transfer that can be quickly swapped by individuals and business into their home currency. It is a fast, secure coin that is affordable and already used as an affordable method to send remittances to other countries.

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