Xclusive Airdrops

Exclusive airdrops are mainly promoted to existing users to help promote stability, reliability, and loyalty within the network. Maintaining a healthy ecosystem helps the developers promote their network while also developing the network to promote even more growth.
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What are exclusive airdrops?

Exclusive airdrops are rewards to loyal users within the network or that follow developers through social channels. These are the dedicated workers and followers of their ecosystem and these airdrops help promote loyalty, trust and promotion of their 'cryptoverse'

exclusive airdrops

Hot Airdrops

Every so often, developers of cryptocurrencies both popular and less well known give away a coins that are so good, you don't want to miss.

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Airdrop Tasks

These exclusive airdrops, like other airdrops have the potential for big payoffs that help spread the word about the coins while promoting mass adoption.

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Airdrop Rewards

There are many different types of airdrops. Some just require you to sign up. Others require you to complete online or social media tasks for rewards.