A lot goes into making a business successful in today's technological age. But it is your website that is instrumental to your business’s success. Here are some compelling reasons why you should have a website if you don’t already have one and how you can make it work for you to achieve the growth you’re looking for.

Integrating your website with an ERP and a CRM

With Enterprise Resource Planning (or ERP), you can streamline the basic functions of your business to ensure they work together cohesively, including your financial management, supply chain management, procurement, and more. What’s more, these tasks can be synchronized with a Customer Relations Management system (or CRM) to ensure your customer service levels are enhanced with the goal of increasing revenue.

Automation and your website

The beauty of CRM or ERP software is that it can be integrated into your website so that your website's functionality is optimized even further. For example, a CRM can help make the checkout process easier if your e-commerce shop is online. On the other hand, an ERP can help you manage the payment process better, making it easy for customers to pay and check out. 

How to design a fully-functioning website

Suppose you feel that your website isn’t really up to scratch and could do with some improvement, then you should investigate what will make your website even better. Of course, you can calculate the costs for designing a website by looking at its size, the type of website you’ll need, and how much integration it will require to function optimally. Furthermore, from a planning perspective, one could look at process mapping and diagrams to ensure that your relevant teams know what their duties and responsibilities are when it comes to the design of your website and when it comes to integrating functionalities that will enhance the customer experience that much more.

Optimizing your website to grow

It's not only software that can be integrated into your website design to help your business grow. It is also about how you can enhance your website so that it’s even easier to find online. To increase your website's visibility, you might need to address the following:

Create a user-friendly platform

The very definition of a website being user-friendly is that it should be easy to navigate for your audience to find the information they need quickly. For example, are the contact buttons located where they should be? Are you able to navigate from one section to another without much effort? Is it just as easy to navigate your website from a desktop as it is from a mobile? These factors will all impact how user-friendly your site is from Google's point of view, which will directly impact your search engine rankings. But you don’t just want people to find your website; the conversion rate is what matters too. Therefore, you can improve your conversion rates by doing the following:

  • To persuade customers to visit your website, add customer testimonials and reviews to your website to boost the credibility of your brand.
  • Make sure your website is simple and direct. In other words, too much unnecessary text can be off-putting for the reader. Therefore, you should remove any unnecessary information that could distract from your message.
  • A/B test your headline to make sure it grabs your audience's attention and spurs them on to keep reading.
  • Always have a CTA and make sure that it is clear and concise to encourage customers to click through to complete their purchase.

An efficient website is one of the keys to a company's success. Therefore, you should do your best to do everything you can to optimize your website to keep your business top of mind in an increasingly competitive online market. 

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