Listing on South Korean Exchange Could Cause Litecoin to Surge

December 14, 2020

News that a major South Korean Exchange has begun trading Litecoin has caused a surge today from $57 to $63 as of 12:15 CST 11/8/17

Is Litecoin Ready to Surge Again?

This week in the crypto market we've seen the price of Bitcoin BTC reach new all time highs of around $7,800 dollars each and then the market adjusted itself to at around $7,200 and has went up to currently around $7,500 at the time of this writing. With the upcoming Segwit fork this month more people than ever have been signing up for Bitcoin wallets with the anticipation to receive in effect free coins or cryptobits. The upcoming fork, plus some anticipated Initial Coin Offers have hit the market like Electroneum or are about to hit the market like Xepher and Bitspark, Skrilla, Cashaa, Crypterium and Lydian Coins and their popularity to millions of milennials looking for alternative ways to use their money.

Even as Bitcoin was on its way to all time highs, the market value of cryto coins such as Bitshares, and Stellar among many others, has risen steadily. Meanwhile, Litecoin remained roughly at the $56 to $57 dollar mark till a recent surge today to $63 and up about $13 dollars for the month on news Tuesday that the South Korean Exchange Coinone will list Litecoin. It's no surprise to see broader appeal to LTC because transaction fees are lower for Litecoin over Bitcoin in addition to completing transactions faster.

As of 12:20 PM CST Litecoin has reached a high of $63

Broader mass appeal and adoption is helping the entire cryto currency world and bringing in more wealth to the 'market under everyone's nose'

Thousands of new Bitcoin and hundreds of other digital currency wallets are being created every day. Whether for mining or as a user wallet, more people are getting involved in digital currency than ever before. Always remember to use caution with your online presence and passwords to limit any risk to your digital assets. Whether you're a faucet or novice miner, Exchange buyer and seller, or Power Miner, you're assets are only worth as much as how you protect them. Keep an eye out on our site in the next few weeks, we will have great guides, news, articles, and places to Seize Your Bits.

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